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Step-by-step on how to string a badminton racket

As you have come so far and had reached this page, I would assume you are serious to be a stringing expert, offering stringing services to your club members and might want to own a stringing machine. Ok, I will teach you step-by-step on what I know with no obligation and hope you would be able to make some extra income out of it. To buy a stringing machine, there are a lot of brands in the market and you will have to surf the net to get one that might suit you. Before you continue any further, I hope you have read and are familiar with the law of tension relating to power and control, as it contains very important information that will help you on your stringing business in the future. And if you are not familiar with that, I suggest you to invest some time reading it, as you will learn a lot from the article.

(Tension relating to power and control)

This article explained how the differences of badminton string tension are able to affect power, control and feel of each badminton player. After reading it, you will gain a lot of knowledge on string tension relating to power and control and will be able to recommend precisely what sort of string tension to suits each individual that walked in for your service.

When a customer approaches you with a snapped string, you should know how they feel. String snapped in the middle of a heated up match can be so frustrated! They are a few questions to find out before working on the project. And the most common question is of course to find out why the string snaps.

Why Badminton string snaps!

As soon as you received the racket, and before cutting off the strings, check the area where the string snaps and check if the grommets was damage. Look out for the sharp edge and remember to replace damaged grommet on the affected area. After that, cut off the strings immediately to avoid unnecessary stress on the frame. And while cutting you can ask, “When was your racquet last strung?” The most common breakage is obviously the string had reached its life span. Thus, replacing another set of new badminton string is reasonable. If the snapped strings are newly strung and that the condition of strings is still good, then it could be cause by several factors:

Over stretching or over tension

“How often do you break your string?” Each string had an elastic limit and if it was stretched beyond its elastic limit, (Over tension) then the string tends to snaps if an impact, like a powerful smash landed outside the sweet spot. In this case, the string would normally snaps on the main string from the top of the frame. In this case, if this player breaks his string very often, then he is graded as “inaccurate shot” player. Someone with power but tends to mis-hit the shuttle. Suggest a lower string tension or perhaps a slightly thicker string is the best you can do.

Check the Grommet

One of the common factors that caused string breakage is the grommet. After removing the strings you should check again on the grommets for damage. Strings are not supposed to run over sharp edges of damaged grommet. High-tension racket tends to have a higher grommet breakage rate. And graphite frame racket tends to have less grommet problem compares with alloy frame racket. To solve this problem, the best is of course to change all the affected grommet and alternatively, if you don’t have enough new grommet to change all the broken grommet, You could actually twist each of the grommet, allowing the strings to land on a fresh area in the grommet like the diagram shown below.

 How to suggest a string?

Are you looking for a more durable string or a performance string?” Are you looking for more power on your string or you would prefer to have an excellent control racket? If you have read the law of tension relating to Power and control, you will be able to suggest the suitable type of string for your customers.