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What to prepare for tournament

In Malaysia, badminton tournament is organized in different levels, starting from the very basic club tournament to district tournament, the more advance state tournament to national tournament. And badminton tournaments in Malaysia are serious events that need more preparation than normal practice or the 3 times per week recreational play. Good preparation is essential and special attention had to be given to your gears and equipment. As stated below are some of the preparations before you are all ready to step out to the court to meet your challenge. 

Before any tournament, you should be ready with the right racket on hand, as there is no more time for you to test with different racquets. You should not felt reluctant and must have full confidence with your racket. We all know how frustrated can a broken string be especially in the middle of a match! It breaks your focus, and disturbs your concentration, and forces you to change to a different racket, which hopefully won’t lead you to losing your game! Thus, have at least 4 rackets, giving you a choice to select the right racket playing in different badminton hall condition and also incase of mishap in the middle of the game.

Warm-ups and stretching exercise

You have to be in the badminton hall 30 minutes before the tournament so that you have enough time to do some warm-up exercise and some stretching before your match started. You might get injured, pacing slowing down or jammed footwork, if you are playing a tournament without enough warm-ups and stretching exercise prior to your match.

Tournament in a big hall that has 8 courts to 16 courts

When playing a tournament in a big badminton hall with 8 courts to 16 courts, the temperature, the humidity of the surrounding might caused the speed of shuttlecock to slow down, making killing smashes very difficult. Playing a tournament in different weather condition does affect the speed of shuttle too. Thus, before the game started, while stroking and doing the warm up, please slammed a few powerful smashes to test your racket and if you felt your favorite rackets was not able to deliver powerful smashes while testing, change it to a slightly heavier racket with stiffer shaft or similar weight racket with higher balance point that you have been using regularly too and test it again. And make sure you have 2 such rackets with similar weight and balance so that you could replace the racket in case of mishap and still able to play the game with confidence.

Tournament in a small hall with 2 to 4 badminton courts

Playing in a smaller badminton hall, I assume you won’t have any problem playing with a slightly lighter racket provided the balance point is not too low. Again, in this case, test your racket while doing the warm-up and 2 similar rackets with the same weight and balance should always be in your bag. Only after the first set, you will be able to analyze and see if you really needed to change your racket.

Your racket string

Before entering a tournament, please have all your badminton string that was not in favorite condition be re-strung. You or your favorite stringer should be able to know your preference string tension and the type of string used. Please take note that string strung by different stringer would yield different feel even if the racket were strung with the same tension, due to the differences in technology, different stringing equipment and different pressure on the clamp. Thus, you better pre-strung all your string with your regular stringer before the tournament.

Your Badminton shoe

In Malaysia, some badminton halls are covered with parquet flooring while the others are cement flooring. You will have to know the condition of flooring in order to wear the right badminton shoes for the tournament.

Most of the badminton shoe’s outsole are made of natural rubber with re-enforced anti-slip eyelets design and a good pair of badminton shoe must have certain flexibility and certain featured like wider heel base for balanced landing and stability, thick shock absorbing cushion for comfort and form-padded collar for support. 

The white outsole is believed to have better gripping in cement court while the brown outsole had a firm gripping on parquet court. Softer outsole has a better gripping than the harder outsole but its durability is not as good as the harder outsole. So, the next time, you see a large crowd roared beside a parquet court, slipped on your brown and softer outsole badminton shoes and enjoy the action. Wish you good luck!

Your badminton attires

Tournament matches are tougher and might take you longer time to complete a set as compared with normal recreational matches because every point is taken seriously. Well, unless you are too good for your opponent. You need to prepare several sets of t-shirt so that you can change it as the matches proceed and don’t forget the towel.

Take a bath and a nap?

Tournament matches might last from morning to evening and if you have a longer break before the next match, please take a bath if you could find a place for that so that you would remain fresh all the time and if possible find a quiet place to take a small nap. This helps in regaining energy for you to compete in the following matches without any problem. Of course, you have to inform a friend to wake you up 15 minutes prior to your game.

Take some foods if you need it

As the tournament progress, you need a lot of energy to make it to the final. Thus, if you have a long interval before the next match, I would suggest you to eat something light if you feel hungry. Bread or anything that would not make you bloat will do. Banana is the best and some proven nutritious drink or isotonic drink that would help you regain back your energy at no time is encouraged.

Adapted to the new environment

As a tournament player, you are not always so lucky to be able to play on home ground. Sometime, you need to play in a different place, which you are totally unfamiliar, thus you must learn to cope up with the unfamiliar surrounding. Also, when you are facing an unfamiliar opponent, don’t panic! Devoted full attention on your game and you will be able to adapt and mastered the rhythm in the court at no time. Just get yourself adapted to the new environment even if you have to sleep in a strange room in a strange place. Wish u all the best and smash it down the next time you saw a birdie flying your way!